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Diary of a freelancer

Hymnal in the Car, Porn on the computer

10 March 1982
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I am:

- a random abstract (I can be logical sequential, but only if I must.)
- generally in my car an awful lot (I'll put 500 miles on my car a week. Easily.)
- almost always writing (not ALL of it is porn, thank you VERY much)
- learning how to play jazz. and solo!
- doing an admirable job of faking it as an organist for my church
- having way more fun at the gigs where I play something other than my primary instrument
- still in love with the French Horn (said primary instrument)
- going to have a book published one day
- also going to have music published
- going to prove wrong everyone who ever told me I need to pick one thing to do with my life

This journal is a bit of a hodge-podge, wherein you'll get pieces of just about everything listed above. Except my actual writing. That's over at my writing journal by_knightmusic. Friend me here or there if you're interested. I do friend back, even if it takes me a while to get around to it. Mostly it's because I just don't pay attention to that kind of thing. But I don't tend to f-lock things here very often anyway.

I write het and slash, often with R or NC-17 ratings, although like I said earlier, it's not ALL porn, even though I do like my smut. At the moment, I'm immersed in CSI, and write primarily Gil/Nick, although really, I'm a fan of Gil with anyone. Really. Even Sara (although I'm WAAAY fussy about that one, and haven't really found anyone who's done it well enough to fit my tastes).

I also co-moderate two communities: grisslash and grisskink.

I've known all along that a Bachelor of Music degree in Horn Performance would be perfectly useless in the "real world" but I didn't care when I started and don't really care now. I'm in my early twenties, and even though I'm embarking on an "adult life," I have no intention of ever being a grown-up. I also swear like a sailor, so this probably isn't a good place for children.

Oh, and I'm a huge music dork. Consider yourself warned.
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